Björn Rust

/bjœrn/ /rʏst/

Post-industrial designer cum researcher, innovator & educator, developing and decolonising innovation practices for humanitarian action.

  1. Post-Industrial Designer
  2. Methodological Naturalist
  3. Specialising Nonspecialist

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 Curriculum Vitae
I explore the future of global development, humanitarian innovation and our environment, focusing on the role of nascent sociotechnical systems as a catalyst for positive social change. Currently, I lead 'Skills and Capabilities Building' within Elrha's Humanitarian Innovation Fund, developing new tools and resources for staff, grantees and the wider humanitarian community.

Previously, I lead research on distributed ledger technology-based cash and voucher assistance for communities in Vanuatu with Oxfam Australia. I also taught social innovation practices for the emerging contexts of the Anthropocene at RMIT, and patient-centred design as part of a research partnership with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

I am a co-founder of the fledgling social impact design studio Of_Substance and the socially conscious food journal Scrag End.