Prototyping: Making Ideas

Prototyping: Making Ideas

Group Show

— Year: 2011 (3rd Sept - 23rd Oct)

— Client: JamFactory

This exhibition highlights the exceptional prototyping skills developed by these designers, demonstrating the journey of some of their most successful products from idea, to sketch, to prototype, to final product. Through the development of prototypes, the hands-on skills of designer/ makers and the relationships between designers and artisans are highlighted. The exhibition illustrates how important the prototyping process is to testing and refining a successful product.

Curated by Margaret Hancock and accompanied by a 64 page catalogue, featuring contributions from Joanne Cys and Brian Parkes, Prototyping: Making Ideas celebrates the skills of these renowned and emerging Australian product designers.

Prototyping: Making Ideas, featured work by Oliver Smith (NSW), Rohan Nichol (NSW), Trent Jansen (NSW), John Quan (SA), Adam Goodrum (NSW), Elliat Rich (NT), Daniel Emma (Daniel To and Emma Aiston) (SA), Björn Rust (Qld), Illumini Glass (Mandi King and Karen Cunningham) (SA) Simone Le Amon (VIC) and Russell Koskela (NSW).