• Glass Loudspeaker
  • Glas-Lautsprecher
  • ガラスのラウドスピーカー

— Year: 2010

— Client: Quench / Self Directed

The GS1 defies the colours and textures, shapes and materials of conventional speakers. It aims to find a balance between form & function while remaining sympathetic to the processes of its manufacture.

Developed for small spaces, this full range speaker blends an unconventional pallet of materials for their unique tonal and aesthetic qualities. The sealed glass enclosure is designed to produce minimal distortion, each one produced by a master glass blower with Australian sands pigmented with oxides from Germany and New Zealand. The spun 5000 series aluminium tractrix horn improves the drivers coupling efficiency. While the Portuguese cork base isolates the enclosure from the surface on which it is place and allows the speakers to be articulated. 24k gold plated binding posts are connected to the driver with oxygen free copper wire and are designed to suit banana plugs or bear wires. The 3” Full-Frequency drivers are built with magnesium/aluminium cones producing a nominal output of 15W with 8 ohms impedance and 82dB sensitivity.

The GS1 was launched in Brisbane during the inaugural Unlimited Asia Pacific Design Triennial for Quench. Shortly there after going on show during Tokyo Designers Week.

Driver Specifications

  • 3” Full-Frequency Driver
  • Output (Pnom)(W): 15
  • Impedance (Z)(ohm): 8
  • Sensitivity (2.83v/1m)(dB): 82